Just... no.

The Corvette gases it to do who knows what, but it's a 2 lane road with no point of merging, they were probably about to race (hence the filming). The Corvette guy is probably showing off a little, his back end breaks free, he panics, let's off the gas (you can hear this), bam... hello snap oversteer.

I've… » 7/24/14 3:13pm Thursday 3:13pm

Yeessss... EXCELLENT! Hate on the MKIV Golfs!!! They're shit, total shit, you don't want one, ignore the 1.8T 6-Speed, it has 1 too many gears for christ's sake. They're miserable, they're entirely unpredictable, gremlins, GREMLINS EVERYWHERE!!!! Keep your grubby hands off them!!! If you drive a 20th Anniversary… » 7/15/14 1:27pm 7/15/14 1:27pm

I am SOOOOOO glad you didn't walk by me when I was a child, sitting in my mom's wagon when she picked up medicine from Walgreens and proceeded to smash the windows, scaring the hell out of me. I'll take my 5 minutes, in Florida, playing with my GI Joes, in the car, thank you very much. This isn't some damn zero… » 7/15/14 1:01pm 7/15/14 1:01pm

^ this. There are so many of them, to be worth something it would have to be beyond mint, maybe an LS model. I think they're worth more to their owners than the buying public, especially because most people buy them to DRIVE them so it doesn't attract the buy, collect, appreciate in price crowd. » 6/26/14 3:08pm 6/26/14 3:08pm

That video just cements in my mind that Porsche lost... like, how many more times can you say 'lose' and show a Porsche!? Subconsciously, now I can't help but associate 'lose' with Porsche. I don't even dislike Porsche, but now, I kind of do!? DA FUQ!? Worst video EVER!!! I really wish I hadn't seen that... I no… » 6/20/14 1:40am 6/20/14 1:40am

I could fucking care less that this dude is an Army Vet. This article doesn't need that damn detail, it's just attracting hits because this is 'Merica and #patriotism, #9-11, #freedom. I'm tired of using military association as a marketing device, it cheapens shit. » 6/06/14 4:43pm 6/06/14 4:43pm